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February 10, 2021
Happy winter everyone! It’s been a great last 6 months of weather in general for most of the province. We are in the middle of a cold snap but the end is in site. Soon spring will be here and we will be so happy to warm up!
April is finishing grade 12 in Edmonton;  the lambing is done at home and we are proud to announce some exciting auction news with you.
The Christensen Estate Auction has some amazing ag-pieces that are must have’s, some items have had no use in 30 plus years. Great bins, 4440 JD tractor, haying equipment as well as the peach of the sale, the Case Back-Hoe, it’s a beauty with only 500 hrs.
March will see a Cattle Equipment and Lumber sale in Acheson, consignments are welcomed. Close to 400 lots so far.
April and May will see the return of our Spring Sale to Westlock, the 10th Annual Spring Consignment Sale in conjunction with the 2nd Birds, Bunnies and More Sale. Plus a huge land and machinery sale for the Late Robert Cardy goes May 5-15th near Abee.
We have some other sales in the works plus we are hoping to bring back our customer appreciation party in the fall if conditions allow us.
This year, our tenth year of business, we dedicate it to the life and memory of my father Tony, who passed in May of 2020. My relationship with dad was always polarizing to many. The most important take away from my time with dad was with how he chose to finish his life on earth. His time helping with the business, spending time with his son and grandkids as well as his chatter with clients, will be missed. I have so many great stories of dad in my heart and look forward to sharing some laughs with you in the future. Rest in peace dad. At least he will not drive mom nuts by bringing stuff home from a sale!
The team and I at Heartland wish you a great 2021 and we hope to see you very, very soon. Wear your mask, help our seniors and stay warm!
Nick Gulka
Heartland Auctions


October 2, 2018

Happy October Everyone!

I am sure this weather is not making many happy. Harvest, holidays, kids sport’s events and even time at the cabin has been tough to enjoy. but as my favorite holiday approaches, I have a lot to be thankful for.

My father had a heart attack and is on the mend, mom is getting stronger after a stroke. My daughter continues to grow and develop into a world- class human being and our auction company had a record year. Still there are areas I want to be better in but I am happy where we are trending. The staff has been fun to work with again and I am blessed to have a small but close team.

We close our year with our 7th fall sale at the AG Barn in Westlock. Tractors, loaders, and a heavy dose of livestock supplies dominate this sale. Also three estates with tools up the wazoo and some low use vehicles. October 20 will have a great fall line up, one I am thankful for as always. A huge thanks to the consignors and bidders for their help building Heartland Auctions. I always brag it is your company and it’s a pleasure to serve you through it.

Have a wonderful thanksgiving, be safe in the field and make some time for yourself this fall.

Blessings to you,

Nick and April Gulka



Happy Fall Everyone!

Greetings from the team at Heartland Auctions. We had a great year so far and we are still going with a great sale this past October, now getting prepped for a sweet sale in Rochester with a great line of equipment and a full shop of tools ect.

We are also seeing the fruit of our efforts, as we have four sales booked for 2018!!!  It is getting busy. If you have items for the two consignment sales next season or to have your own farm or acreage auction contact us now. We are planning our first ever flyer and we are building wonderful momentum thanks to all the great clients and customers.

Our staff continues to evolve and impress me. Seven years ago we had no real experienced help assisting me and to my teams credit they have learned and grown so much. Vivian has been huge in our office and is always cheery and pushes me as well. Our clerks and office staff have had huge impact on the business, of late they all stayed till the end of our fall sale. That’s dedication and it helps us near the top to have more time for other things like this blog.

We plan on having a flyer available soon, plus debit and a awning for the office trailer soon. If I could add a Bailies machine that would be progress.

Harv, Dennis, Mike, Jules, Viv, Kim, Angie, Jo, April, my father and all who have supported the staff along the way, very thankful for your contributions. Our local papers, CFCW radio, Magnet Signs and All Star signs all have made us look so good, glad to work with you.

Have a great rest of fall, make time to enjoy the colours and smells of the season and keep supporting your local auction companies.

Be safe and see you Nov 4.


Happy Summer!

I can not believe we are into July now, wow! By now, for most people the kids are home, the cows are on grass and the work in the field is on full speed. I can relate to all yet I have not accomplished much on our small farm working auctions and radio, it’s been busy.

We had a great farm sale June 24 in Redwater for the Halun Family. Great weather, attendance and prices on haying equipment and farm tractors that saw large and small operation’s present.  Highlights included the 4440 JD tractor with loader and FWA bringing 32,000 dollars and the Case 7120 almost 35 grand. Haying equipment was sought out because of quality and condition. Enrossi 12 wheel rake brought near 12,000 with the JD 946 MOCO bringing near 24 thousand.

My staff were phenomenal again and the Halun Family were amazing to work with. It was awesome to work near Redwater for the first time, we have had interest in more sales in that area soon.

We have been steadily receiving more calls for work and it is a pleasure to get to work with new clients and some old ones as well. Our Wayne Barry Sale in May was the third time we have worked with Wayne and he was awesome as always, I learn a lot from that guy!

April and I are planning on taking some time together in July in hopes to fish, boat and go to some auctions! We look forward to the next odd and unusual sale and our 6th Fall sale goes October 24 in Westlock. Look forward to seeing you soon, enjoy your summer and make time to enjoy the sun. Please support your local auction companies, they do great work.



Happy May Everyone!!!

We had a great start to our auction season with the announcement of exciting new sales June 3 and 24th, plus the successful completion of the Odd and Unusual Animal Auction last week at the Westlock Ag Grounds.

Sale was highlighted with pheasants and ducks bringing near $125 each, baby lambs near $145 and rabbits selling strong as well. It was a great sale set up by the Babiuk Family and Heartland was glad to be the Auctioneers for the sale. The organizers had to start a bit late because of the lineup of animals that were still coming in at 10am. When we got going it was hot off the start and the record attendance was treated to a great sale.  I picked up some rabbits and a mini-pony for April, she is very happy but wants me to sell some rabbits because she is learning they multiply fast!

Getting ready for June 3 in Athabasca for Orest and his family plus a super farm sale June 24 in Redwater for the late Mike Halun. There continues to be a need for auction companies and I see all of our peers are very busy as well. Keep in mind to support your small local companies. There is a lot of work out there for us all and no one works harder than your local auctioneers so support them with your attendance and sale opportunities.

See you in Athabasca June 3!

Be well, Nick Gulka

Heartland Auctions



Happy Spring Everyone!

With this weather of late it does not feel like spring but we are in the season even if it feels like winter! Last thing producers with crop in the field need is more time to delay the harvest left over from 2016. It is a bit depressing but when the mud is dry and the fields warm up, most of us will be too busy to remember the recent bad luck with weather.

Our 6th spring auction is in the books and we were very happy with the consignments and crowd that gathered April 8 in Westlock. The snow and mud was a challenge but we were blessed with sun on sale day and had a wonderful auction. Highlights included a 4640 JD bringing 20 grand coming in a day before the sale, Meridian bins were sold for 8 grand a piece and the livestock equipment sold very strong as always.

Our ladies in the office , the clerks, auctioneers and all other staff did a wonderful job.  April and I are proud to have a great team that keeps learning, supports each other and remains committed to being the nicest team going in Auctioneering. We look forward to adding debit soon and adding an awning to the registration trailer.

To the nearly 500 registered bidders that showed up in Westlock, thank you! We hear you and know what you want in an auction company, we are doing our best to create something special, something organic and a team effort between an auction company and its clients. Special thanks to Rocky Mountain Equipment Westlock for the lawn mower we gave away, we got a great deal! Also to Cody and the Kubota team at Extreme Power Westlock for April’s 2016 UTV and the amazing wheel loader that we used for loading in and out.

See you down the road, some amazing sales and opportunities are around the corner. Plus we will be announcing our livestock and real estate options very soon.

This is going to be a kicker of a year for us at Heartland Auctions where there are FRIENDS at an auction!!!

Nick and April Gulka

January 10, 2017

Well a Happy New Year to everyone! Apparently it’s been quite a while since we blogged. 2016 was a busy year and Nick continues to be busy through the winter months as well. I will let him catch you all up on his news.

Just wanted to let you all know that our Spring Consignment Sale is scheduled for Saturday, April 8th at the Ag Barn in Westlock. We look forward to seeing you there for another great kick off to the season.

Kim (Nick’s ghostwriter)

 February 29, 2016

Well a Happy New Year to everyone! I know I have not blogged in a bit and NYE was a few months ago…but the new Auction Season is here and I for one am excited. The winter has had a ton of people scratching their heads with the mild conditions. It’s been easier to do chores and work outside that’s for sure. With the snow mostly gone in our area it makes me wonder if we will get a good reality check soon in the forum of a healthy dump of the snow? I say Mother Nature has a surprise ready for us come April. We could sure use it, I feel bad for the folks with snow clearing businesses and the payments they have on those machines. Hoping you guys stay busy.

We have had a busy winter with our sales in our Westlock location. We have continued to do bi-monthly sales and the crowds and values have been good since fall. Summer was slow at the Westlock location because of the amount of on-site sales we had, we were surprised how busy we were and very fortunate. Between the on site sales, Westlock location, my daughter’s sheep herd, making hay as well as a grain crop….and a double hernia….it was a busy year. Looking forward to healing up soon and trimming back on extra activities. April and I will be selling a few animals and letting some land go to focus more on making Heartland Auctions a better auction company moving forward. We continue to grow thanks to the OPPORTUNITY and RESPONSE from our clients and customers. This year looks like it will be busy again.

April 16 is our 5th Consignment Auction as we celebrate 5 years this June. I am always planning fun giveaways and giving back to our customers and friends of the business. if you have items for April 16, book now and contact me for best advertising. We have a sweet date and we are planning our biggest sale ever! Already some skid steers and tractors booked as well as a ton of building and farm supplies. We plan on introducing ON-LINE BIDDING to our large equipment and rolling stock this spring, should be an interesting feature to add to our services.

I wish you all a great calving season and for what ever is keeping you busy, be safe and talk to you this Spring in the booth!

Be safe and take care!

Nick Gulka

Owner-Heartland Auctions


September 14, 2015

With Nick still busy, busy….I will attempt to give you the latest updates.

April got back from her holidays and got to spend a wonderful 36 days with her dad. So much to do! Between farming, fishing, auctions and just having some quality time together, the days flew. Back to school she went and fall activities are in full swing.

Nick is still busy filling his days with harvesting, working at CFCW, getting new auctions signed up and continuing with the sales in the Westlock location. We love to see all the familiar faces and new ones at the sales. Thank you to all who attend for your support!!

We have a few upcoming sales this fall and are always taking bookings for new sales. If you are thinking about a spring sale talk to Nick now and book early. This gives both you and us time to prepare so we can make your sale the best it can be.

Until we blog again, have a wonderful day.

Kim (Nick’s ghost writer….lol)

July 28, 2015

Okay so I haven’t been as good as keeping this updated as I thought I was going to be but then again this is called Nick’s Blog…..not Nick’s Gopher’s Blog.

But let’s give Nick some leeway. He tells me that he has been busy. Okay, so how busy can he be farming, signing up more auctions, working at CFCW, finding people to do my work for the last month and let’s not forget the most important thing – attending my wedding!

I peeked at the Upcoming Auctions page and almost fell over. Apparently I have been out of touch – truth is I have been – but it does go to show that Nick has been busy. May and June were smoking busy with auctions, so I kind of feel bad for not being much help the last month. This is my way of easing back into helping Nick.

We hope that we will get to see you at our upcoming sales, and remember, if you are thinking about having a sale contact Nick. If you all keep him busy with more sales then I will get to enjoy to continue writing this blog.


March 7, 2015

2015 is off to a great start!! 2 new blog posts in 2 months!! Yay Team Heartland!!

The Westlock sale site is terrific and after just 2 sales it is great to see many familiar faces. We hope that our customers are enjoying the sales and we also hope that the weather is going to be better on Tuesdays from now on.  Next sale goes March 10th and then the 24th of March. Looking forward to seeing everyone there again for a couple more great sales.

Nick is hard at work booking farm, estate and liquidation sales for the upcoming season. And as ever, he and April are enjoying their time together. Chores, farming and spending time with family keeps them busy. As I see by a picture on Facebook April is becoming quite the little baker…..making cookies with Dad, priceless.

I am busy working on the flyer for our upcoming April 19th auction, so please keep an eye out for it. Should be floating around soon. So I better get back to it.


Entry #2 – Feb 2015

As you can tell Nick has been very busy since his first entry. In no particular order these are some of the things keeping him busy. APRIL, farming, sales, APRIL, working, more auction sales and lots more APRIL time.

Taking it upon myself to update this, I joined Nick’s team in 2013 as his Office Manager. The role has lead me into the previously unknown areas of designing flyers for his auctions, updating this website, clerking at auctions when I am not in the office and this. But it’s all good and I love learning new things.

We are very excited this year, as we have a new permanent auction location in Westlock at the Peavey Mart Mall. Auctions will run Tuesday evenings starting at 6pm. February will see us there twice, on the 17th and 24th. A couple more in March and then hopefully hitting it every Tuesday starting in April.

We will also be doing farm, estate and liquidation auctions. Nick is busy booking those as I write this.

Hopefully we will see all of our favorite customers at our upcoming sales and meet many more over the season.

Kim (Nick’s Go-To-Gopher)

Entry #1

Well here we go, looks like the start of Spring will be welcomed by some warm weather very soon. Before you know it, auctions will be in full swing as you and I alike get out our rain gear, boots and shades and get ready for a great season of good buys and great items. Going to sales is awesome, getting ready for a busy season in my job is hectic.

It seems that sales are on pace or just a hair behind with last spring. More acreage and estate sale will most definitely pop up over the next few weeks. I wanted my first blog of the 2014 season to be dedicated to making sure you have a few things done before getting ready for a sale.

Making sure you know what is going and what is staying: Most of us only sell everything once or twice, so if you are selling and you are not using certain things, sell it. With the costs of advertising and the commissions you are paying, make sure you have enough to justify the sale. Then make sure your auctioneer knows what is being sold so you can be assured a good knowledge of your sale and it can then be advertised well.

Do I have enough to sell?: See above, but also consider taking a few items from your friends and have them be guest consignors at your sale. The two of you can then make your own arrangements of splitting add costs ect. When you let folks know you’re having a sale, your phone will ring with guest consignments, trust me.

When can I get things ready: Well winter is a great time if you have small stuff in the shop to get ready, tools, ect. Just work at sorting things a bit here and there and let your auctioneer know if you will need a crew to assist you. A good auctioneer will always welcome your call and be willing to give you some advice.

Just a few tips to get you ready as you might be thinking auction. Well, gotta get the boots ready, have a super March and support your local auctioneers this upcoming season!