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About Nick Gulka

Nick grew up in the Westlock area and schooled there as well. The family farm is just east of Vimy, AB. As a child Nick dreamed of farming with his father. Things kind of took another direction in 1989 when Nick pursued radio communications. He always had a connection to agriculture through his interests in making hay, helping a neighbor or even travelling on a custom combine crew. In 2001 he worked his way up to Edmonton Radio with visits to CJCA, CSIN country & where he continues to love broadcasting part time, 840 CFCW in Edmonton. Thus the dream of working with his dad Tony was not in the cards.

Or was it? Nick felt the need to create an auction company that catered to the elderly & those who have lost a member of the family. With some help from his father he created Heartland Auctions in 2011. Tony even found his son a few sales to do. The two guys could often be seen lining up a sale where Tony had a keen eye for a straight line and Nick continued to learn the business. Says Nick, “making time to talk to the clients about their farm sale or their career is just so important. It’s nice to focus on the family and their stories, not just on large consignments and commission dreams.”

Where did the name come from? One evening Nick noticed his daughter watching her favorite show on TV and of course, it had horses and she loves all animals. (Heartland) After rushing to wash up for supper he came up with the idea based on April’s love for the show and her love of her family. That’s where it came from. We employ a great team with heart, service and a good ol’ smile.

Nick Gulka

Heartland is into it’s 12th season of farm sales, consignments, dispersals, real estate and charity work. He still helps out on CFCW weekends and lends his time to ring cattle at VJV in Westlock on Thursdays and special sales. You can always chat with Nick where you meet him or call 587-982-4306. We would love to hear from you and help you plan a successful auction.


*This page is dedicated to the lives of Ben Janostin and Tony Gulka