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Nick’s Blog – August 10, 2018

Happy Fall Everyone!

Greetings from the team at Heartland Auctions. We had a great year so far and we are still going with a great sale this past October, now getting prepped for a sweet sale in Rochester with a great line of equipment and a full shop of tools etc..

We are also seeing the fruit of our efforts, as we have four sales booked for 2018!!!  It is getting busy. If you have items for the two consignment sales next season or to have your own farm or acreage auction contact us now. We are planning our first ever flyer and we are building wonderful momentum thanks to all the great clients and customers.

Our staff continues to evolve and impress me. Seven years ago we had no real experienced help assisting me and to my teams credit they have learned and grown so much. Vivian has been huge in our office and is always cheery and pushes me as well. Our clerks and office staff have had huge impact on the business, of late they all stayed till the end of our fall sale. That’s dedication and it helps us near the top to have more time for other things like this blog.

We plan on having a flyer available soon, plus debit and a awning for the office trailer soon. If I could add a Bailies machine that would be progress.

Harv, Dennis, Mike, Jules, Viv, Kim, Angie, Jo, April, my father and all who have supported the staff along the way, very thankful for your contributions. Our local papers, CFCW radio, Magnet Signs and All Star signs all have made us look so good, glad to work with you.

Have a great rest of fall, make time to enjoy the colours and smells of the season and keep supporting your local auction companies.

Be safe and see you Nov 4.

Nick and April Gulka & HLA Staff
Heartland Auctions